About Us

CVPL is a fast growing Market Research Outsourcing service provider based in India. Established in 2017.

CVPL delivers the kind of Qualitative and Quantitative information that leading companies need to reach their bottom,-line objectives, grow their firms and achieve industry leading competitive advantages.


CVPL provides end to end Research services and works primarily with Market Research. We conduct the coding, cross-tabulation and statistical analysis you need. We also offer specialized services for data entry.
CVPL strongly believes in innovating new ideas leading to a new operational process and services. We believe that innovation can generate new values and also can bring significant better changes in the society.

At CVPL we have a highly experienced team, who are dedicated to driving success through innovation strategy in the field of market research. We thoroughly examine each of the research project to identify the best suitable innovative strategies and techniques for data acquisition, data analysis and report to demonstrate a true commercial advantage.

CVPL believes in promises. Promise of delivering faster and authentic data for each project execution. Enabling our clients with superior business insights within tight timelines of today’s highly dynamic market

Our Mission

Our mission though, quite simply put is to provide clients with the right information at the right time and at the right price, it’s no matter that how big or small project we offer the highest possible quality of services. We don’t want to be recognized only for providing high quality data, but also want to work alongside with you as a business partner. Our aim is to always provide you with fair pricing consistent quality all the way double digit growth over the past years is the result of satisfying the needs of a very demanding client base, ultimately an indicator of our success lies in the fact that our clients express their satisfaction by coming back with repeat business our singular focus has always been in ensuring our clients belief in market research investment, and the fact that it will ultimately pay off, in terms of sales and long term brand health.

Services We Offer

Market Research

  • FMCG


  • IT & Telecom


  • Consumer durables


  • Automotive


  • Healthcare


  • Retail


  • Real estate


  • Personal care

Social Research ,Baseline and Impact Assessment in the areas of

  • Poverty


  • Rural Development


  • Gender


  • Education


  • Public Health


  • Rehabilitation and Resettlement


  • Water and Sanitation


  • Human development report


  • Socio economic studies

Data Collection

  • The quality of data collection has a direct impact on the quality of analysis & Hypothesis which ultimately impacts the decision making of clients


  • Bad data lead to more complex, less powerful, and invalid analysis


  • Therefore we at CVPL pay much attention to the data acquisition process in training of data acquisition team


  • We check at the end of the training whether all the interviewers and supervisors are on common understanding for each of the questions of the research tool or not


  • The debriefing session is organized and those who have not attained a good understanding are excluded from the data acquisition


  • The disciplined and targeted approach of data acquisition for each of the project:


Step 1- Types of data to be gathered for -the study

Step 2- To evaluate the problem to be encountered in data acquisition

Step 3- Plan data acquisition as per the project objectives

Step 4- Quality assurance, progress report frequencies

Step 5- Cleaning and analysis of collected data (Parallel activity)