Services We Offer

Market Research

  • FMCG


  • IT & Telecom


  • Consumer durables


  • Automotive


  • Healthcare


  • Retail


  • Real estate


  • Personal care

Social Research ,Baseline and Impact Assessment in the areas of

  • Poverty


  • Rural Development


  • Gender


  • Education


  • Public Health


  • Rehabilitation and Resettlement


  • Water and Sanitation


  • Human development report


  • Socio economic studies

Data Collection

  • The quality of data collection has a direct impact on the quality of analysis & Hypothesis which ultimately impacts the decision making of clients


  • Bad data lead to more complex, less powerful, and invalid analysis


  • Therefore we at CVPL pay much attention to the data acquisition process in training of data acquisition team


  • We check at the end of the training whether all the interviewers and supervisors are on common understanding for each of the questions of the research tool or not


  • The debriefing session is organized and those who have not attained a good understanding are excluded from the data acquisition


  • The disciplined and targeted approach of data acquisition for each of the project:


Step 1- Types of data to be gathered for -the study

Step 2- To evaluate the problem to be encountered in data acquisition

Step 3- Plan data acquisition as per the project objectives

Step 4- Quality assurance, progress report frequencies

Step 5- Cleaning and analysis of collected data (Parallel activity)